Monday, September 6, 2010

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ever since i had been to sobha hermitage on 1st sept, i feel like i had got a totally new outlook towards life as a whole. Your class was not just about the teaching, it covered almost all aspects of life. It was such a booster of confidence sir, and i consider myself very lucky to meet you and attend your class. I am now looking forward for a weekend without any other programs to rush to shobha academy and meet the students there. There can be nothing else so heart-filling and satisfying than that. Because , we cannot give others anything bigger than education. Let me also take this chance to thank and appreciate the efforts of P.N.C menon sir's and all others cordinators of Sosha Hermitage and Academy.
Thanking you sir,

Dear Sir,

Good Day!

It was a great day yesterday at Sobha Hermitage which could well be the
start of waves of change in Education - Kerala. While I will certainly work out a
program with a suburban higher secondary school for 8 - 12 class personality coaching,
please study the attached brief on the proposed new project we discussed yesterday.

Best Regards

hello sir,

i'm lakshmi, an student of vimala college and had attended your workshop conducted at the shobha hermitage on the 1st of september, wednesday. i dont know if you remember me. i was the one who presented our group's topic and our idea was to start our school and that is how we presented it. i hope you get me now.

we did not wait for the evening tea an left soon after the programme as some of our friends came from far away places and we didnt want them to late which is why we couldnt come and say bye to you personally. in fact some of them thought of leaving at 3 when we boarded our bus from thrissur. but, let me tell you, we didnt have the slightest clue even when the clock stuck 5 because the class was so very intreresting. thank you sir and we'll keep in touch.

lots of love
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