Friday, August 20, 2010

adaptive learning / teaching... love teaching ???


ICON (with CSR wing of Sobha / at Sobha Hermitage, Sri Kurumba Trust, Panniyankara, Vadakkenchery, [Palakkad-Trichur-NH]) invites you to a one day interactive seminar on “Effective & Innovative Teaching Strategies to Enhance Academic Potential”.
1st September 2010,Wednesday 10am to 4pm at SOBHA HERMITAGE.
Through this programme we intend to discuss and share our experiences with icon program and plans ahead, looking forward to your participation in our joint endeavour to facilitate all-round development of today's student.
You may inform this to those who love to be part of this non-conventional / innovative learning / teaching skill for the empowerment of youth towards moulding model citizens for our country.
You may please inform this program to all your friends / relatives and concerned. Those who are interested to attend the session need to register / inform over phone 9400105373 / 989577994 / 9633165388.

Programme Details :
Today’s competitive scenario in academics, targets at work, presentations or perhaps job or course interviews do not allow scope for second chances.
To scale successfully the ladder of success, we almost need to be prompt with everything, have answers on our tips and simultaneously be on our toes. However with technological advancements, there are enough sources to distract and pull us back from our optimum functioning or confound brain processing. THERE ARE MANY WHO ARE DEPRIVED OF BOTH GOOD EDUCATION AND ALSO THE ADVANCED TECHNOLOGICAL FACILITIES. THEY HAVE MORE LIFE SUSTAINING WORRIES.
Poor attention span, distractibility, inability to prioritize, getting lost or anxious with the copious and unending school or competitive exam syllabus tend to be some issues that interfere with and increase the gap between ability & achievement.
With more environmental demands, we all seem to struggle to find ways to balance between work & pleasure, despite long hours of efforts why one is still not able to retain or retrieve the needed matter. Why does this occur? Where does the fault lie? What all aspects contribute towards putting across the knowledge we learn, how to assimilate the vast information we are exposed to?
Wisdom is to knowing what to do next. Skill is knowing how to do it, and virtue is doing it,” observed David Starr Jordan. Most of us know what we need to do in order to live happier, healthier and fulfilling lives. The real problem is that we don’t do what we know. I have heard many motivational speakers say, “ Knowledge is power”. I disagree. Knowledge is not power. Knowledge is potential power. It transforms itself into actual power the moment you decisively act on it.
The mark of a strong character lies not in doing what is fun to do or what is easy to do. The sign of deep moral authority appears in the individual who consistently does what he ought to be doing rather than what he feels like doing. A person of true character spends his days doing that which is the right thing to do. Rather than watching television for three hours after an exhausting day at work, he has the courage to get up off the cough and read to the kids. Instead of sleeping in on those cold wintry mornings, this individual exercises his natural reserves of self – discipline and gets out of bed for a run. Add since action is a habit, the more you will feel like taking.

This time our school interaction at SOBHA is for academicians / those who love teaching. We will focus on effective and innovative strategies of teaching that would facilitate classroom teaching and learning. Techniques to build interest, concentration and memorisation for students based on core neuro-cognitive principles.
Through presentations, exercises, case examples, videos and games, focus should be on understanding:
· Nature of cognitive skills like Attention, Memory & Learning, how they function, what aids them and what interrupts functioning and strategies that would enhance their working.
· Covering the syllabus more systematically & efficiently
· Learning & Teaching Styles
· Skills to enhance self-potential
· How to decrease burden & enjoy learning
· Specific study skills

ICON is the unconventional study intervention that is active for the 8th class students of Kizhakkanchery Government High School. Selected 90 will be with ICON for the next 5 years during weekends and holidays. Focus will be on the scholastic development, apart from the soft skill and life skill. Presently the students are shifted to English medium. We are providing classes to improve their scholastic with good communicative skills. Reading news paper and acquiring general knowledge is being taught. Mannerism, communication skill, learning ability improvement, collective care, share group activities, health tips too are focused.
The idea is to spread the message and also to replicate the activity at many other centres. The required faculty and management training will be focused in phased manner at SOBHA. The first session towards this innovative project is starting on September 1st 2010 at SOBHA Hermitage, Panniyankara.

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